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The therapeutic process

I perceive the therapeutic process as a safe place, which enables us to comprehend and cope with complex and difficult reality. This is a safe space that allows you to open-up to your inner feelings, to listen and understand life crisis. The therapeutic encounter enables a transformational process and change in our lives. This is my own personal experience from therapy.

In couple and family therapy, the therapeutic encounter enables listening to different points of view, and to speak-up in a safe space. This is the place to turn when we want to cope better with familial and spousal crises, relationship impasses, in order to create a positive change for family members. The individual therapy addresses a wide variety of problems and hardships in a person's life, while couples and family therapy evolves in light of the goals and expectations that family member's structure with the therapist. 


Everyone has a problem to address- in relationship, work, painful & relentless thoughts, in search of life meaning, loss, internal conflicts, love life, parenthood, etc. Sometimes the reason for therapy is vague, such as depressive moods, emotional heaviness, stress and pressure. In family relations, problems vary from severed relationships in the couples' communication, lacking intimacy, lack of sexuality, hardships in parenthood, etc.


At times, it is impossible to solve these problems on your own or with your spouse, and help is needed with a therapeutic process. The understanding of relationships in therapy itself enables to understand what is happening in one's world and in family relations. The understanding and interpretation of the sources of anguish and pain allows coping and growing of one's life.   


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