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Aviva Mazor Phd

Developmental Psychology Family Therapy

Therapeutic approach- my therapeutic approach is based on several sources: developmental psychology, family and couple's therapy, posttraumatic oriented approaches and the psychoanalytic- relational approach.

Academic background- PhD in human development, educational psychology, family and couple's therapy. The University of Madison-Wisconsin, USA (1980-1985).


Clinical work - in my clinical work, I have treated holocaust survivors with PTSD and their second generation, for a decade, in "Amcha" center for holocaust survivors (1989-1998). For the last three decades I've been practicing individual psychotherapy and family therapy in my private clinic at Tel-Aviv. Furthermore, I've been treating single-parent families, same-sex families, and other alternative familial structures.


The chairwoman of the Israeli association for family therapy (2006-2008).


Supervision- for the last two decades I am giving clinical supervision to professional from various arenas: family therapists, social workers, psychologists as well as psychotherapists.


Academic Teaching at Tel-Aviv University- lecturer in the field of family and couples therapy, integrative psychodynamic approaches and family therapy. In addition I taught courses in developmental psychology, post-traumatic effects of genocide survivors and their coping processes. I taught as well as investigated these topics from the mid 80' until 2005 at Tel-Aviv University, Graduate School of Social Work. I also taught in "Seminar Hakibbutizm college' throughout 1985-2010.   


In addition, I gave workshops in family and couples therapy, in annual seminars, and in various mental health facilities ("Be'er Yakov" & "Abarbanel" psychiatric hospitals). I supervised family and couples therapy regional centers (Ramat-HaSharon, Holon, "Amcha' centers), as well as gave professional-clinical workshops.


Research & publications

Developmental psychology- in my PhD studies I have focused on separation-individuation processes and family relationships, from early adolescent throughout young adulthood. I have conducted follow-up studies focused on separation-individuation processes in different populations, as well as in multi-generational families.


Trauma- (in corroboration with Prof. Y. Gampel) our research studies have been focused on coping mechanisms of holocaust survivors. Memory processes of child survivors as well as forgiveness processes and moral development. Another focus was aimed at intimacy relationships of child survivors throughout their adult years.


 Family therapy publications focused on various clinical topics such as, therapeutic processes in the alternative families, integrative-relational couple's therapy, and grief processes in post-traumatic families.


Privat clinic in Tel Aviv.


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